Guided Adventures

We loved the whole experience, from the professional instruction and service, to the fall colors along the bosque, to the wildlife (Great blue heron, Canadian geese, Sandhill cranes... and a curious coyote), to the open skies above. Truly, you made our day!”

Our guided adventures offer an opportunity to take in the tremendous scenery of the middle Rio Grande valley while paddling your own canoe, kayak or SUP, all with the added benefit of a professional guide who is familiar with the nuances of this particular stretch of river, and we also provide a picnic along the way and bottled water throughout the tour!

Our guides are very helpful – they are accomplished paddlers familiar with this section of water, and will provide basic instruction on everything from paddle strokes to “reading” a river. They are also trained in rescue in case of a mishap, and are required to maintain certification in First Aid and CPR at a minimum.

Guided Adventure Rates & Details:

Guided Adventures Include:

  • Watercraft rental*, and paddle.

  • PFD (life vest) and all required safety equipment.

  • Shuttle to and from the river.

  • Interpretive guide.

  • Pre-launch orientation addressing the fundamentals of river dynamics and basic paddling instruction.

  • Bottled water throughout the tour.

  • A light picnic, typically including an assortment of meats, cheeses, crackers, fresh fruits and/or vegetables, and cookies.

*Rates below assume use of our watercraft. You are welcome to provide your own canoe, kayak or SUP; a discount of $10.00 per watercraft will be applied.


All rates are per-person, and children under twelve who float along with a parent or guardian in the same craft do so at half price (Applies to children floating along with one adult in a kayak, solo canoe or SUP, or with two adults in a canoe).

All Coronado and Bosque Adventures (One to four hours of river time):

Coronado Abreviar” - “Coronado” - “One Hour Along the Bosque” - “Bosque Grande” - “Bosque”

  • Tandem Canoe: $59.00 per person ($118.00 for two adults)

  • Individual Kayak: $66.00 per person

  • Stand-Up Paddleboard: $69.00 per person

Additional Details

  • Time estimates reflect anticipated time on the water, Please add two hours for orientaion and travel time for planning purposes (Allow four hours for a two hour adventure, five hours for a three hour adventure, etc.)
  • Minimum of four adults are required to conduct any trip.  If there are less than four in your party, we'll need to match you up with other requests. Please call and ask about current availability on the date(s) your interested in.
  • Limit of one adult per kayak or stand up paddleboard, or two adults per canoe
  • Receive a discount of $10.00 per watercraft if you provide your own canoe, kayak or SUP
  • Full descriptions follow in the "Tour Descriptions" section below


  • Advance reservations are required for all guided adventures

Please call (505) 771-1234 or use the Contact Us page to send us an email request.

Landlines outside of the ABQ metro area, call toll free: 877-45-FLOAT (877-453-5628))

Please see the “Waivers/Terms and Conditions" page for a link to our waiver and reservation policies. 


 New Mexico strictly prohibits operation of any watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please save the party for after the river.


Tour Descriptions:

We are currently operating along approximately 18 miles of the middle Rio Grande, from the village of Algodones in the north, to the Alameda Bridge at the northern city limits of Albuquerque. 

Tour offerings will vary depending upon time of year, current flow levels and other factors, although we generally schedule tours from north to south throughout the day. Please see our calendar page for our current schedule.


"The Coronado"

Covering a stretch of river that encompasses the area the Coronado campaign wintered in 1540, this adventure will put in among a beautiful stand of cottonwoods in Algodones, then traverse approximately 9 1/2 miles of remarkably secluded Rio Grande valley. The upper section of this trip passes through Santa Ana Pueblo and features fascinating volcanic topography and two small, Class I rapids. We'll break near Bernalillo for a light picnic, where the "Abreviar" option (when offered) wraps up.

Below Bernalillo paddlers experience the Rio changing character as it widens and slows. Higher flow levels allow exploration of several secondary river channels, while riverbanks dominated by majestic old-growth cottonwood open regularly to reveal spectacular views of the Sandia mountains.

There are two options for "The Coronado":

"The Coronado Abreviar" – Algodones to Bernalillo - 5 ½ miles Four Hours (2 Hours of "River Time")

"The Coronado " – Algodones to Corrales - 9 ½ miles Five Hours (3 Hours of river time)

"The Bosque"

As the Rio Grande passes through Rio Rancho and Corrales, the river slowly widens, braiding into multiple channels as it meanders through seemingly endless cottonwood Bosque. Although these adventures are quite close to the sprawling development of greater Albuquerque, it's a surreal wilderness experience on the water, as the east bank is dominated by the Sandia Pueblo lands, while the west bank is dominated by Rio Rancho Open Space and the protected Corrales Bosque preserve.

Numerous islands and sandbars along the way offer multiple options to break for a snack or a refreshing swim. Approaching Alameda, the Rio spills into numerous narrow channels, winding its way through several small islands, providing a tropical wetlands feel. Songbirds and waterfowl are plentiful in this section, and the views and sense of solitude are remarkable. This is a very mellow float trip with few sections of fast moving water.


Bosque Adventures:

"One Hour along the Bosque" – Bernalillo to Corrales – 4 miles - Three Hours (One Hour of "River Time")

"The Bosque" - Corrales to Alameda – 8 1/2 miles - Five Hours (Three Hours of River Time)

"The Bosque Grande"  - Bernalillo to Alameda – 12 1/2 miles - Six Hours (Four Hours of River Time)

Note: "The Bosque" and "Bosque Grande" Adventures are offered dependent upon current flow conditions. Please see the Current River Conditions page for more details, or call (505) 771-1234.

Sunset Floats!

Offered every other week from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and occasionally throughout the balance of  the year, our Sunset Float provides an opportunity to take in the Sandia Mountains bursting into their rich, watermelon colors in the light of the setting sun, and we follow with an after party that includes a small campfire, an assortment of snacks, and S'mores!

"Sunset Float"

Tandem Canoe, Kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard: $76.00 per person

Float the Fiesta!

Albuquerque’s annual Balloon Fiesta provides a lucky few with an opportunity to “Float the Fiesta!”, and take in the balloons as they soar over the river from the best seat in the house: relaxing in your canoe or kayak, far from the maddening crowds! Please see the dedicated Float the Fiesta! page for additional details on the 2016 Events!