"The river always purified. It seemed to bring some thoughts from far above, who knew from where, and carry others far downstream, who knew whither. Using the river, a person could dream awake, like a child."

Paul Horgan, “Great River – The Rio Grande in North American History”

Update - July 10, 2021

All guided and self-guided outings have again been suspended indefinitely, as changes that have occurred in the river channel over the past several years eliminate the possibility of enjoyable recreation at flows below 300 cfs.

We are continuing to offer rentals of watercraft for daily or multi-day use, and all watercraft and rental equipment (paddles, PFD's, etc.) are thoroughly cleaned following each use per CDC guidelines. (Those interested in the specifics can see our Waiver, Terms and Policies page for details).

We have made changes to broaden availability of rentals to a wider audience, and to assist groups with the logistics involved in river outings. These changes include:

  • Rate reductions on our most popular rental offerings
  • The rental cleaning surcharge has been reduced by over 50%
  • Expanding our paddleboard (SUP) fleet, a watercraft which can be transported easily by any vehicle (most midsize sedans can carry as many as four SUPs stored in their packs)
  • Adding a kayak seatback option to our SUPs, which converts the paddleboard to an easily transported and very lightweight SOT kayak

Take-Away Rentals

 New Mexico strictly prohibits operation of any watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please save the party for after the river.