Take-Away Canoe Rentals

If you want transportation to and from the river along with the watercraft and equipment, please see our Self-Guided Adventures page!

Looking to rent a kayak to take to Cochiti for a day? Join up with friends on a private river outing? Heading to Heron Lake for a weekend, or the San Juan for week? Our Take-Away rentals are your solution.


  • All canoe rentals include 2 Canoe Paddles, 2 adult PFD's, and up to 2 youth, child, or infant PFD's (if needed)

  • Extra Paddles, PFD's, or other gear are available for an additional fee.

  • Straps and foam pads are also available to allow car-topping with virtually any vehicle at no additional charge (We recommend that you call to discuss the vehicle you're using with us before booking)

  • We won't charge you for a partial day - if you pick up a canoe after 5:00 PM on Friday, and return it before 8:30 AM Monday morning, we'll treat it as a 2-day rental.

  • A fully refundable cleaning deposit of $25.00 applies to all rentals

  • Quiet Waters Paddling Adventures canoes can be used on all lakes in NM, as well as rivers up to Class III. We do not rent paddlecraft for use on Class III+ whitewater or above.

  • Due to additional pressure placed on our inventory due to our Float the Fiesta events, any rental period (pick up or return dates) that encompass any dates of the International Balloon Fiesta are subject to a 50% rate premium.

  • Alcohol use is expressly prohibited.

  • Please see the Waiver, Terms and Policies page to download our waiver and rental agreement. (Required for all rentals).

  • Scroll down for details on our fleet.


Reservations are required for all rentals. Bookings of up to three days can be made online.

For rentals longer than 3 days, please call us at 505-771-1234 (Landlines outside of the ABQ metro area, call toll free: (877) 45-FLOAT [(877) 453-5628])

Our Canoes

As dedicated paddlers ourselves, we have invested considerable time and effort in selecting our fleet of paddlecraft.  We utilize a very high-quality assortment of craft from among only the most reputable manufacturers. We are proud to say that we don’t offer a single watercraft to our customers that we aren’t thrilled to paddle ourselves. If your experience with canoes is limited to entry-level boats, you'll likely be quite surprised at the performance characteristics of our selection.

Our canoe fleet is comprised almost exclusively of watercraft built with Royalex construction, an engineered laminate of closed cell foam rubber and ABS plastic, carefully chosen and fused together to create desired performance characteristics. Royalex is an outstanding canoe material – lightweight, flexible and buoyant.

Tandem Canoes

Bell Northwind (16' 6")

The majority of our canoe fleet is made up of Bell’s Northwind tandem canoes, Bell’s most popular tandem for flatwater tripping.  It's maneuverable, efficient and remarkably stable. The Northwind's assymetrical, differential rocker design makes this boat beginner friendly, yet will delight an experienced canoeist. It’s easy to paddle in currents and choppy conditions - neither of which can ever be completely avoided.

At only 62 lbs – quite light for a 16 ½’ canoe - the Northwind is an excellent choice for a variety of purposes and our most popular canoe offering. If your experience with canoes is limited to heavier, tippier and less-expensive plastic or aluminum boats, you will be shocked by the stability and performance characteristics of the Bell Northwind.

Dagger Venture (17')

Dagger's Venture is a high volume tripping canoe designed in close collaboration with Cliff Jacobson, the famous wilderness enthusiast and noted author. Jacobson considered the Venture "the best all around Royalex tripping canoe I've used". 

An excellent choice for an expedition (the 6" freeboard is an astounding 1300 lbs), it's also a roomy and stable canoe for a variety of day uses.

Old Town Penobscot 16 (16' 2")

Old Town’s Penobscot is a quick, nimble and amazingly durable boat for the intermediate to experienced paddler. With a sharp entry and straight keel line for speed and efficiency, it's equally at home in fast moving or still water. A little narrower and faster than the Bells, though not as stable, the Penobscot is an excellent canoe for a variety of purposes. 16’ 2” in length and only 58 lbs. makes this an excellent choice for the more accomplished paddler.

Solo Canoes

Wenonah Rendezvous

Wenonah's solo wilderness tripper, the Rendezvous features a sharp keel with a deep, flared bow, ideal for shedding waves and staying dry in choppy water. A fairly heavy royalex build (though still only 55 lbs), the Rendezvous isn't deterred by occasional impacts. A good choice for Class II+ water, the Rendezvous shines in the hands of a capable canoeist.

Mohawk Solo 14

Remarkably light at only 39 lbs, Mohawk's Solo 14 is an excellent, multi-purpose hull, especially suited for lakes and quiet rivers. This is the boat our guides fight over on our Rio Grande Adventures - it responds instantly to subtle corrective strokes, while providing decent glide for a 14' hull. The Solo 14 is a common choice among freestyle canoeists.

Solo Whitewater Canoes

Mohawk Probe 12

Symmetrical rocker and a flared center section leads to great secondary stability in a boat that shines in ferrying, catching eddys, and peel-outs. Full Mohawk factory outfitting, including pedestal, thigh strap and flotation, makes this a great little whitewater playboat.