Guided Adventures

"I've been fortunate to experience the Rio Grande's many moods . . . kayaked the notorious Taos Box . . . played for hours on the quickly moving Racecourse . . . paddled calmer stretches of water further downstream. But a recent river trip through Albuquerque now rates as my favorite . . .

"Quiet Waters Paddling Adventures . . . are ideal for families and novices. Yet the trips are full of excitement."

New Mexico Magazine

Guided outings have returned to our calendar on a limited basis.

Recommended for those with minimal or no experience paddling on moving water, our guided adventures offer an opportunity to take in the tremendous scenery of the middle Rio Grande valley while paddling your own canoe, kayak or SUP, all with the added benefit of a professional guide who is familiar with the nuances of this particular stretch of river. 

Those who've joined us in past years will note that we have made significant changes to our operations since 2019. First, guided outings will typically be capped at 10 participants, with occasional capacity of no more that 20. In all cases, we will require at least 6 registered participants to conduct the outing (that's 6 in total, not per reservation).

Second, although guided outings will continue to include a break along the way to stretch the legs and chat about the Rio, we will no longer provide any food service, but we do encourage participants to bring along some snacks or a light boxed lunch to enjoy during the break. Guides will have coolers and ice packs to store perishables if needed.

Finally, the shuttle will be a one way shuttle, and will involve meeting guests at the outing's takeout location, and transporting everyone from there to the put in. As the outing will conclude where guest's vehicles were parked, all will be able to depart directly from the river without delay. Information on how to find the access points will be included in your confirmation email.

Guided Adventures include:

  • The watercraft rental and paddle.

  • One-way shuttle from the take out to the put in location.

  • PFD (life vest) and all required safety equipment.

  • An interpretive and instructional guide (or guides)

  • On-shore orientation prior to launch, including fundamental hydrology principals and basic paddling instruction

  • Chilled bottled water throughout the tour

  • A short break somewhere along the river. Guests are encouraged to pack light snacks to enjoy during the break.

Additional Details:

  • All rates are per-person and vary throughout the year Please click through the calendar below to see current availability and rates.
  • Children under 90 lbs floating along with one adult in a SUP, SUP with kayak seatback, or with two adults in a canoe. may participate at half the adult rate. (Our Jackson Riviera kayaks may be able to accommodate an adult and a child under 50 lbs as well - please call to discuss before booking)
  • New Mexico Magazine

Current Guided Adventure Options

Please click through for current rates.

Additional Details

  • Limit of one adult per kayak or stand up paddleboard, or two adults per canoe

  • Waivers are required from all participants, and are now mandated to be completed electronically by the State of New Mexico. A link to do so is included in all confirmation emails.

Minimum Recommendations for Guided Guests:

  • Be a competent swimmer, comfortable both underwater and swimming in current.

  • Wear your life jacket! New Mexico requires the use of a life jacket at all times when paddling. A PFD provides additional flotation to swim safely in current, as well as core insulation in cooler water conditions.

  • Be reasonably fit. While paddling is not a strenuous activity, participants should have sufficient fitness to walk a couple of hundred yards without assistance. (If walking 100 - 200 yards would be exhausting for you, please discuss with us prior to making a reservation.


Reservations are required for all guided adventures. 

Call to book at 505-771-1234

New Mexico strictly prohibits operation of any watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please save the party for after the river.