Additional Services (A la Carte)

Additional services and options (A la Carte)

Prior to March of 2020, QWPA was best known as a tour operator, offering guided and self-guided kayak, paddleboard and canoe outings along the Middle Rio Grande immediately north of Albuquerque. Our rate structure was based on the fact that our kayaks, SUPs, canoes (and even the paddles!) could all be used multiple times a day without leaving the river. As a secondary service, we offered kayak, paddleboard and canoe rentals for daily use for those who wanted to transport watercraft to destinations themselves.

In May of 2021, the global regulatory reaction to the Coronavirus has now effectively transformed our company into a paddlecraft rental operation. As everything that a customer touches must now be fully cleaned and sanitized before use by another, every use of any of our equipment is now essentially a full day rental. While we are now primarily a rental operation, we're a rental operation with capabilities to offer a variety of services that were previously included in our tour operations (delivery and pick up of watercraft, guide support services and shuttle service). Since each of these services must now be added to the rates involved in a full day rental, we've chosen to offer each of these aspects as individual, "a la carte" services to provide a wide range of options and rates to different groups with different capabilities and budgets. All will appeal primarily to groups of 6 or more.

We have now resumed guided outings on a limited basis (sans the shuttle or other personal transportation services). Self guided outings remain suspended indefinitely. In the meantime, we are now able to offer the following menu of additional products and services that we hope may be helpful to private groups, whether they be interested in venturing out without guide support, or are interested in arranging a private guided outing .

River outings present certain logistical challenges, and everyone's situation is a little different. Some people have access to pickup trucks or vehicles with roof racks, can transport watercraft themselves fairly easily, and figure out the logistics of shuttling vehicles, watercraft and people on their own. Others can manage personal transportation to and from the river access points, but can't easily transport hardshell canoes and kayaks, a situation which limits their watercraft options among our inventory to inflatable paddleboards (SUPs). Still others can't easily manage the personal transportation either, having to rely on Uber or Lyft to retrieve vehicles left at access points. Some have appropriate vehicles, but find that the long carries involved at locations such as Algodones, which involves a ¼ mile trek from the parking area to the water, to be daunting. Lastly, some have limited or no experience navigating rivers and negotiating potential hazards, and are more comfortable venturing onto an unfamiliar stretch of water while accompanied by an experienced guide.

In any case, in our efforts to make getting out on the water easier for more people, we've reduced rental rates on our most popular offerings, and we've now expanded our service offerings and are planning on offering additional items and services relatively soon. Details follow below.

Effective Immediately

Rate Reduction on All kayaks and Inflatable Paddleboard Rentals

Daily kayak rates have been reduced by over 10% and now start at $39.00, while SUP rentals have been reduced from $54.00 in 2020 to $44.00 and $49.00. Multi-day rental rates have also been reduced significantly.

Kayak seatback with kayak paddle option for inflatable SUPs

We've added a kayak seatback option to our most of our SUP's, which will also swap out the SUP paddle for a kayak paddle, transforming the SUP into a lightweight sit-on-top kayak that can be easily transported in any vehicle. (Most vehicles can carry 4 inflatable paddleboards in their packs and larger SUV's can can carry 6 or 8.) We currently have 10 of our SUP fleet outfitted to accept kayak seats.

Kayak/Canoe Cart Rentals

A cart can be very helpful in the long treks involved at some of the Rio Grande access points (such as the ¼ mile carry involved at Algodones). Our carts can handle one canoe or two kayaks/SUPs at a time, and the wheels can be removed to allow carrying downstream to help at the takeout as well.

Watercraft Delivery, Pick Up and Shuttle Service

All of the above are available now, but not available to book online, as we anticipate the rates involved will limit their appeal to groups of 6 or more. (We have no minimum requirement for any of these services – we'll deliver and/or pick up a single watercraft craft if you want us to).

As all of these add on services involve flat fees, the more people you have, the more reasonable the overall pricing becomes. To illustrate, a group of 6 who adds watercraft delivery only, manages their personal transportation logistics and returns the watercraft and equipment to our shop following their outing will be able to do a self-guided river outing for between $55.00 and $64.00 per person after discounts for an assortment of kayaks and SUPs. A group of 8 will see per person rates drop by about $5.00 per person from the group of 6, while a group of 15 selecting the exact same service will see rates drop to between $43.00 to $53.00 per person. Of course, for each additional service you request, the rate per person will increase proportionally. As one can easily calculate, the more aspects of the outing your group can manage independently, the more affordable the experience.

Please call us to discuss your specific situation and to receive a definite quote for the watercraft selection and service level you choose.

Watercraft Delivery

For those that can manage personal transportation to and from the access points and arrange to have appropriate vehicles available at the takeout to transport the watercraft to our offices following their outing, we can deliver a variety of kayaks, SUP's and canoes sufficient for as many as 26 people to the parking area at Algodones or the Corrales Siphon. Delivery to other access points (Such as Callabacillas Arroyo or Central Ave in ABQ) may also be arranged. Delivery will be to the parking area only. Customers will be responsible for transporting all equipment from the parking area to the water.

Delivery to Algodones or Corrales Siphon parking areas: $75.00 flat fee.

Delivery to any other destination: $75.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. Please call with specifics for a definite quote.

Watercraft Pick Up

If you can manage all personal transportation and have the ability to transport watercraft and gear from our offices to your start point, but would like us to pick everything up following the outing, we can provide pick up at either the Corrales Siphon or the Alameda Bridge parking areas. As with delivery, pick up at other access points may also be arranged by appointment. The pick up option is offered at a slightly higher rate due to additional timing and logistical challenges involving the varying pace of groups on the water. Delivery involves a definite set time, while pick up requires us to essentially be on call for an unknown period of time.

Pick up at Alameda Bridge or Corrales Siphon: $100.00 flat fee.

Pick up at any other destination: $100.00 minimum for the first hour with a 1 hour minimum, $75.00 per hour thereafter. Please call with specifics for a definite quote.

Both Delivery and Pick up.

Delivery and Pick Up involving any two of the access points at Algodones, Corrales and Alameda are available for a flat fee of $150.00.

Any other destinations will be quoted at $75.00 per hour with a $150.00 minimum. Please call with specifics for a definite quote.

Shuttle Services (rental customers only).

Transportation of customers can be added to any rental reservation that involves pick up and/or delivery of watercraft. We will arrange to meet you at your planned takeout location and transport you to the chosen put in. Shuttle service is currently limited to private, single household groups, with a maximum of 8 people per vehicle, and masks will be required while in the vehicle. Shuttle services can be provided only to our customers, as our insurance providers prohibit us from transporting anyone that is not a rental customer, or any watercraft that is not part of our fleet.

Shuttle Services: $125.00 per vehicle required, in addition to any pick up and delivery fees.

Guide Services

Guide services are now available for private groups on certain dates. Your guide will provide fundamental instruction, be prepared to assist when needed, and will provide an interpretive aspect along with their familiarity of the Rio Grande. The guide will provide chilled bottled water throughout the day, and private groups are welcome to bring along snacks or a picnic if you wish, as taking a break somewhere along the way is always fun.

Guide Services: $125.00 per guide. Maximum guest to guide ratio is 10-1.Guide support can be added to any reservation that includes delivery and/or pick up of watercraft. (We'll have to run a vehicle to an access point to deliver and/or pick up the guide anyway).

Group Discounts

Discounts are provided for groups of 6 or more on a single reservation, and will be applied to all watercraft and equipment rental, and the specific services requested. Please call us to discuss the various options for your group and to receive a definite quote.

Services Currently Under Evaluation

Regular Tour Operations

As mentioned above, we have now resumed guided outings on a limited basis (sans the shuttle or other personal transportation services). Self guided outings remain suspended indefinitely. The website will be updated with further details as the situation evolves.

As always, feel free to call us at (505) 771-1234 with any questions you may have.