Take-Away Kayak Rentals

Looking to rent a kayak to take to Cochiti for a day? Join up with friends on a private river outing? Heading to Heron Lake for a weekend, or the San Juan for week? Our Take-Away rentals are your solution.


  • All kayak rentals include 1 Kayak Paddle, 1 adult PFD's, and up to 1 youth, child, or infant PFD (if needed) at no additional charge

  • Extra Paddles, PFD's, or other gear are available for an additional fee.

  • Straps and foam pads are available to allow car-topping with virtually any vehicle (We recommend that you call to discuss the vehicle you're using with us before booking).

  • We won't charge you for a partial day - if you pick up a boat after 4:30 PM on Friday, and return it by 8:30 AM Monday morning, we'll treat it as a 2-day rental.

  • New Mexico's Reopening Plan in respect to the SARS-COV-2 virus that originated in Wuhan, China, requires extreme measures regarding cleaning and sanitization of all watercraft and equipment. As a result, a cleaning surcharge of $7.50 per watercraft now applies to all rentals. Those concerned about the cleanliness of our equipment may review the procedures we follow on our Waiver, Terms and Policies page.

  • Quiet Waters Paddling Adventures kayaks can be used on all lakes in NM, as well as rivers up to Class II. Our kayaks are not appropriate for use on Class III whitewater or above.

  • Due to additional pressure placed on our inventory due to our Float the Fiesta events, any rental period (pick up or return dates) that encompass any dates of the International Balloon Fiesta are subject to a 50% rate premium.

  • Alcohol use is expressly prohibited.

  • Please see the Waiver, Terms and Policies page to approve our waiver online. (Required for all rentals).

  • Scroll down to see details on our kayaks


Reservations are required for all rentals. Bookings of up to three days can be made online. For rentals longer than 3 days, please call us at 505-771-1234 (Landlines outside of the ABQ metro area, call toll free: (877) 45-FLOAT [(877) 453-5628])

Our Kayaks

As dedicated paddlers ourselves, we have invested considerable time and effort in selecting our fleet of kayaks, and are proud to say that we don’t offer a single kayak to our customers that we aren’t thrilled to paddle ourselves.

All of our kayaks are manufactured in Sparta, Tennessee by Jackson Kayak. If your experience with kayaks is limited to entry-level boats, you'll likely be quite surprised at the performance characteristics of our selection.

Recreational Kayaks

Jackson Riviera

Far and away our most popular offering on our Rio Grande Adventures, the Riviera is quite possibly the most comfortable Sit-on-top Kayak in existence. Surprisingly quick and agile, yet remarkably stable, the Riviera is a great choice for a wide variety of applications. An exceptionally shallow draft can take fishermen into some areas inaccessible by other watercraft.

Jackson Riviera SOT Kayak:


Jackson Tripper 12

A wide open cockpit that makes it ½ canoe and ½ kayak allows for easy entry and exit from the boat, as well as ample room for your gear, your 4 legged friend, a kid, or all of the above. These boats also offer exceptional stability - fisherman have been known to stand and cast from these kayaks.

The wide, flat Kilroy hull and high sidewalls provides incredible carrying capacity (375 pounds). This is a great boat to have for friends, family, camping or fishing. It’s both a beginner-friendly recreational kayak and a wonderful fishing platform for the outdoors-lover seeking a great boat for a weekend getaway. These boats are especially popular for parents interested in a solo kayak with sufficient room for a younger child to float along.