Current Flow Conditions

Updated July 10, 2021

Page currently under revision. Changes that have occurred in the river channel over the past several years means the Rio Grande from Algodones to Alameda is no longer suitable for enjoyable recreation at flows registering below 200 cfs at USGS 08329928 RIO GRANDE NR ALAMEDA, NM. All self-guided and guided outings are currently suspended, and those renting watercraft for use on the river in the Algodones to Alameda reach at flows registering between 225 and 400 cfs must be able to identify the deep water channel along the entire reach, and should be prepared to to identify upcoming unavoidable hazards (sweepers, strainers, and other obstructions). Those without excellent watercraft control skills should be prepared to portage around hazards encountered if there is any doubt about their ability to avoid the hazard.

The primary river gauge we monitor (embedded below), is USGS 08329928 RIO GRANDE NR ALAMEDA, NM. This is the second gauge downstream of the reach we operate on, and users should add about 75 cfs to the reading  to account for water that is diverted at the San Juan/Cham diversion dam immediately upstream.

We previously monitored the Alameda Bridge gauge (above the diversion), but regular malfunctions at that site renders it unreliable. We continue to monitor the Alameda Bridge site for water temperatures, and that information can be found on our Cooler Weather Paddling page.

The graph updates every fifteen minutes, so what you're seeing is basically in “real time”. Clicking the link below the embedded graph will open a new window, taking you to the USGS page with full data for the gauge:

Current Flow Conditions

USGS Water-data graph for site 08329928

Link: USGS 08329928 RIO GRANDE NR ALAMEDA, NM (Opens in New Window)